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New feature or functionality

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Real pigment blending

This video shows that it is possible to blend proper as traditional do. This is nothing the user can install, the developers have to incorporate it into the software. Rebelle 5 already use it and I want Painter to take benefit of this to. https://...
Monica Boberg almost 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Have Fill tool remember last setting

I use the fill with color very often with the bucket tool, but it defaults to texture on me often, so I would like it to stay with the last setting I "used" it with, not other things I did in the program with textures or other tools.
Guest about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 1

Tooltip Options

While tooltips can obviously be very helpful, it would be nice to have more options. Some ideas would be: 1) Ability to adjust the amount of delay time before the tooltip appears while hovering with the mouse or stylus. 2) Ability to adjust the am...
Ron Longtin about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 1

Allow user control of Tool Tips

Please allow the user to turn off the tool tips while working. It is super annoying to have that window obsuring a painting while the artist is working. There seems to be no way to turn one of those OFF while working.There is also no real contro t...
Guest 10 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Painter 2023 Navigator should be capable of saving a specific Zoom percentage other than the standard plus and minus increments.

Years ago I discovered that I could view my large paintings ( 38 x 57 inches 160 ppi) progress by entering a zoom factor of 67.5%. I must enter that information every time I frequently view my painting's progress. An easily accessed display of my ...
Guest about 1 year ago in New feature or functionality 0