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Created by Dana Diamond
Created on Jun 14, 2022

Promote Selection to Layer

There are many steps required to place a selection on a new layer. First you have to make the layer, you have to make a new layer, then you have to go to edit and copy selection, and then place, but when it is place on a new layer it just goes where it may. Create layer from selection would keep it in the same postion on a new layer so it could be edited from there.

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  • Deborah Kolesar
    Jun 15, 2022

    When I want to take a portion of a painted layer and put it onto a new layer I do it slightly differently which doesn't seem as cumbersome. Try this: Make selection on appropriate layer ( can use selection brushes or other selection tools), Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V. This makes the new layer above previous and copies the the selection, placing it in the exact position it came from. No need to use the Place command. This is on a PC, not sure if differrent performance on a mac.