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updating painter and brushes

I sent this to support and they said I must post this on this site. I have just upgraded to 2023 but I just feel so sad to see a product that I have used for over 30 years become all about making money from the basic brushes. I am just lucky I sti...
Guest over 1 year ago in Content 1

Merge brush looks with brush variants

The texture and texture settings should be saved with the brush variant instead of having to create a separate brush look. Photoshop, Paintstorm Studio, etc all save the texture with the brush instead of having this extra step.
Roxane Lapa almost 2 years ago in Quality 0

View font thumbnail

I would love to have a view of the font when using the text tool. I believe all graphics programs have this ability. It would be helpful if the last three fonts that was used were listed at the top so you could easily find them. Also maybe have a ...
Raquel Bigby over 1 year ago in New feature or functionality 0

Have Brush Icon show Direction or Rotation of stroke like Enhanced Brush Ghost

I like to be able to use the brush icon but it doesn't show the the direction or rotation of the stroke. It would be a plus if it could be set to direction or rotation and follow the stroke as it paints
Dana Diamond about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Combining Dab Effects

After watching a video on Dab Effects, which look really useful, it occurred to me that being able to combine the effects within one dab would be useful. For example, Add Erosion along with Feathering. I'm sure there's many more combination that w...
Deborah Kolesar about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Resize image dpi, width and length independantly

At present resizing in Painter is ineffective to those that wish to resize only resolution or width or length independently. For example. If I have an image 12" by 10" at 72 dpi and would like to make it 12" x 12" at 150 dpi I can not.
Dana Diamond about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Layer Styles for Text

Would be great to be able to bevel/emboss text, add drop shadow (with ability to move and change opacity and color), add glow, etc. Would eliminate having to go into PS.
Deborah Kolesar about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Ability to create straight lines & shapes such as circles/square by holding for a second at the end of the line/shape

In Procreate, you create straight & curved lines & clean shapes such as squares, circles etc by holding at the end of the line/shape for a second…it will automatically create a straight/curved line or shape closest to what you’ve drawn wit...
Michelle Webb about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Integration of PSP and Painter

Currently users often have to call on PSP to supply the tools which are not available in Painter. Use of a call from Painter directly to PSP tp supply these tools would cut workflow time and stop the need for intermediate files and versions to be ...
Guest about 2 years ago in New feature or functionality 0

Fix Dynamic Plugins

Dynamic Plugins have been with Painter for years and have always worked until Painter 2023. Two of the Plugins are no longer working as they should, Tear and burn. They leave a circle on the edge of the image.
Raquel Bigby about 1 year ago in Content 0