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Allow user control of Tool Tips

Please allow the user to turn off the tool tips while working. It is super annoying to have that window obsuring a painting while the artist is working. There seems to be no way to turn one of those OFF while working.There is also no real contro t...
Guest about 2 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Open .psb format

Ps introduced the new format .psb and only CSP seems to be able to open
paolo d'altan 3 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Timelapse Recording (like Procreate)

Procreate has an amazing feature that records all your brush strokes so that you can easily make a timelapse video. Here's a demo:
Roxane Lapa 4 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Merge brush looks into the actual brush settings

Creating brush looks so that it remembers what texture your brush has is a tedious extra step. All other painting programs allow you to save the texture as part of the variant, without this extra step.
Roxane Lapa 4 months ago in Quality 0

Dual Brush

Photoshop has a thing in its brush engine called 'dual brush' where you can use one brush inside another brush. Difficult to explain, but you can see a demo here:
Roxane Lapa 4 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Improve selection tool

a really working and precise magic wand / fastselection tooland color selection, as in PS.
paolo d'altan 4 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Clean up the code. Start-up time is glacial after adding papers and brushes

Out of the box, Painter 2023 will start within 30 seconds on my PC. After adding 8 paper packs and 15 brush packs, I can go make coffee and take a bathroom break before the welcome screen appears. Seriously, it takes 4 minutes and 10 seconds. The ...
Guest 5 months ago in Quality 0

Painter 2023 Navigator should be capable of saving a specific Zoom percentage other than the standard plus and minus increments.

Years ago I discovered that I could view my large paintings ( 38 x 57 inches 160 ppi) progress by entering a zoom factor of 67.5%. I must enter that information every time I frequently view my painting's progress. An easily accessed display of my ...
Guest 5 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Fix Dynamic Plugins

Dynamic Plugins have been with Painter for years and have always worked until Painter 2023. Two of the Plugins are no longer working as they should, Tear and burn. They leave a circle on the edge of the image.
Raquel Bigby 6 months ago in Content 0

Add Shortcut keys for every interaction

I should be able to do everything I want to interact with the program without clicks or tapping with my digital tablet. To this end, I should be able to assign a keyboard shortcut for every interaction, either a toggle, separate on-off keys, or up...
Scott Ott 9 months ago in Quality 0