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Add Shortcut keys for every interaction

I should be able to do everything I want to interact with the program without clicks or tapping with my digital tablet. To this end, I should be able to assign a keyboard shortcut for every interaction, either a toggle, separate on-off keys, or up...
Scott Ott 29 days ago in Quality 0

Allow Opacity adjustment by Up/Down Key Combination

Currently, I am unable to adjust opacity of layers or strokes with my WACOM Intuos without specifying a keypress for each Opacity Value (0-9). In addition (or replacing) current Opacity control of a keyboard number, I propose an Opacity Up and Dow...
Scott Ott about 2 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Autosave! Earlier versions had it, why not 2023? It's crazy.

Not only should it be a no-brainer, but Painter is prone to least for me on Mac OS Ventura 13. If you don't remember to regularly save manually, you can lose hours-worth of work.
Guest 3 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

need cleaning tool for Painter 2019 - and all subsequent versions

On my windows 10 PC I cannot run Painter 2019. After install, when trying to launch I get this error "the procedure entry point_svml_idiv4_mask_e9 could not be located... etc." I had installation problems with former versions before and will not g...
Guest 3 months ago in Quality 0

Painter 2023 won't accept my login and won't launch

I upgraded from Painter 2022 to Painter 2023 or tried to. I get an error telling my account is missing some information and to contact Customer Service. I did this and even sent screen shots. Still no resolution and I can't use the application. So...
Guest 4 months ago in Crashes 0

updating painter and brushes

I sent this to support and they said I must post this on this site. I have just upgraded to 2023 but I just feel so sad to see a product that I have used for over 30 years become all about making money from the basic brushes. I am just lucky I sti...
Guest 4 months ago in Content 1

Windows ARM native version

ARM devices are getting more and more popular, more Windows ARM devices will be appearing on the scene. Good examples are the Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 9 ARM. These would be great devices for art, and having native ARM versions of Corel applic...
Qu Katz 5 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

View font thumbnail

I would love to have a view of the font when using the text tool. I believe all graphics programs have this ability. It would be helpful if the last three fonts that was used were listed at the top so you could easily find them. Also maybe have a ...
Raquel Bigby 6 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Sample multiple colors on the canvas and reference

While working with brushes that can sample multiple colors with the mixer pad, I think it would be useful to be able to sample on the canvas and reference as well
Raquel Bigby 8 months ago in New feature or functionality 0

Real pigment blending

This video shows that it is possible to blend proper as traditional do. This is nothing the user can install, the developers have to incorporate it into the software. Rebelle 5 already use it and I want Painter to take benefit of this to. https://...
Monica Boberg 8 months ago in New feature or functionality 0