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Have Fill tool remember last setting

I use the fill with color very often with the bucket tool, but it defaults to texture on me often, so I would like it to stay with the last setting I "used" it with, not other things I did in the program with textures or other tools.
Guest over 1 year ago in New feature or functionality 1

Tooltip Options

While tooltips can obviously be very helpful, it would be nice to have more options. Some ideas would be: 1) Ability to adjust the amount of delay time before the tooltip appears while hovering with the mouse or stylus. 2) Ability to adjust the am...
Ron Longtin over 1 year ago in New feature or functionality 1

Painter 2023 won't accept my login and won't launch

I upgraded from Painter 2022 to Painter 2023 or tried to. I get an error telling my account is missing some information and to contact Customer Service. I did this and even sent screen shots. Still no resolution and I can't use the application. So...
Guest about 1 year ago in Crashes 0